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Netmarket Cash

Netmarket pays you to purchase! This is a privilege for members only.

Awards: Netmarket members will receive cash-back ("Netmarket Cash") on qualifying transactions within Netmarket. The cash back bonus on these purchases does not include tax, shipping and handling, or returns. Members may apply their Netmarket Cash to future transactions within the Netmarket site, or choose to receive a rebate for the amount of Netmarket Cash in their account at the end of the year.

If you cancel or return an order, the amount of Netmarket Cash earned on that purchase will be removed from your Netmarket Cash account.

Netmarket members, their spouses and dependent children residing at the same address, are eligible to receive Netmarket Cash awards.

Members can review their Netmarket Cash balance and recent transactions in the "Cash Back History" section of the Account Overview.

Redemption: Redeeming your Netmarket Cash is easy. When purchasing items in Netmarket, simply indicate the amount of Netmarket Cash from your account that should be applied to the sale, as you checkout your purchases from the Shopping Cart. The amount will be applied to the purchase price of the item(s), and your credit card will only be charged the balance after discount, if any.

Refunds: Active members who have paid their annual renewal fee may request a refund check for the balance of Netmarket Cash located in the "Cash Back History" section of the Account Overview as of November 30th of that year. Requests should be emailed to Netmarket, and must be received between October 15th and November 30th of the eligible year. This offer applies only to active accounts at the time of the refund; cancellation of your Netmarket membership also terminates Netmarket Cash award benefits.